WBTrading – Session Momentum Strategy by William Brown

WBTrading – Session Momentum Strategy

A time-efficient and highly-profitable mechanical, rule-based trading strategy.

What's included?


Welcome, Structure & Help.mp4
6 mins
Day 1 – Mindset & Understanding
Introductory Guidance For Beginners.mp4
2 mins
What Is Trading?.mp4
3 mins
What You'll Learn Inside, My Intentions & Goals For You.mp4
4 mins
Uniform Of Failure.mp4
7 mins
The Equation Of Longevity.mp4
6 mins
See The Years And You'll Always Be Profitable.mp4
13 mins
Mindset & Seeing Results.mp4
3 mins
Trading Terminology.mp4
8 mins
We're Here For You.mp4
3 mins
We're Here For You Part Two.mp4
6 mins
Before Moving Forwards.mp4
2 mins
Day 2 – Framework & Structure
Eight Elements To Understand Before Ever Placing A Trade.mp4
19 mins
Probability Structuring.mp4
2 mins
Understanding 'R'.mp4
8 mins
Understanding Win-Rates.mp4
3 mins
What Account Size Should You Begin Trading With?.mp4
4 mins
Powerful Quotations.mp4
3 mins
Building & Assessing Trade Data.mp4
8 mins
Sourcing Five-Minute Chart Data.mp4
2 mins
Effective Trade Management Processes.mp4
9 mins
Slippage, Gaps, Volatility.mp4
6 mins
Initial Sim Practice... Why?.mp4
4 mins
Edge In A Nutshell.mp4
15 mins
Selecting A Broker.mp4
3 mins
Day 3 – Strategy
How Did I Find This Edge & Build The Strategy.mp4
4 mins
Wait... What Even Is 'Edge'?.mp4
7 mins
Applying The Session Momentum Setup To Other Markets .mp4
3 mins
The Strategy Explained – Overview & Rules.mp4
8 mins
Examples Of The Edge In-Play.mp4
3 mins
Expanding On Target Placement.mp4
4 mins
Why Letting The Candle Close Before Entering A Trade Is So Important.mp4
2 mins
A Real-Trade Example Of Placing A Stop-Loss & Take-Profit.mp4
3 mins
Stop-Loss Placement In More Detail.mp4
3 mins
Another Stop-Loss Placement Example.mp4
2 mins
Mechanical Stop-Loss Placement Explained.mp4
6 mins
Average True Range Explained, And How We Use This To Prevent Losing Trades.mp4
3 mins
Examining ATR In Real-Time.mp4
7 mins
Intra-Timezone Execution Framework.mp4
3 mins
Bonus – Live Trade Walk-Through Via Screen-Recording.mp4
7 mins
Bonus – The Importance Of Strategy Diversification.mp4
4 mins
Filling Out A Deal Ticket & Executing At-Market .mp4
6 mins
A Suggestion.mp4
2 mins
Outsourcing Chart-Time
Outsourcing Chart-Time.mp4
5 mins
Create An Account With Our Preferred Broker, IG
Create An Account With Our Preferred Broker, IG.rtf
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Trader Development Resources
Understand THIS And You'll Change Your Trading For Good.pdf
26.2 MB
WBTrading – Trade Record – Blank.xls
10 KB
WBTrading – Trading Journal – Explained.pdf
9.35 MB
WBTrading – Trading Journal – Template.pdf
631 KB
WBTrading – Demon Finder.pdf
518 KB
WBTrading – How To Identify Edge & Build Viable, Profitable Trading Strategies.pdf
4.74 MB
Session Momentum Strategy Trade Record
WBTrading - Session Momentum Strategy [GBPUSD] - 2020 Trade Record.pdf
45 KB
WBTrading - Session Momentum Strategy [GBPUSD] - 2018 Trade Record.pdf
45.5 KB
WBTrading - Session Momentum Strategy [GBPUSD] - 2019 Trade Record.pdf
48.7 KB
WBTrading - Session Momentum Strategy [S&P500] - 2020 Trade Record.pdf
74.3 KB
Are You A Beginner? If So, Start Here
WBTrading – Beginners Guide To Trading Financial Markets.pdf
17.2 MB
Student Case Studies [One Plus Year Strategy Usage]
Student Case Studies – Thomas Wilson.mp4
23 mins
Student Case Studies – Ava Bellos.mp4
14 mins
Student Case Studies – Tanzin Ahmed.mp4
28 mins
Session Momentum Strategy Market-Maps
Session Momentum – Example 2.png
72.8 KB
Session Momentum – Example 3.png
84.4 KB
Session Momentum – Example 1.jpg
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